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About GURUSeed

GURUSeed is an electronic commerce solution partnership between Advanced Media Supplies Company (AMS), Thailand's leading distributor of book, educational materials and digital products covering all levels from K-12 to academic higher education institutions and TNT Media & Network Company (TNT), the professional global standard website development company.

With a paradigm shift of traditional way of printed book consumption to online and digital media appealing, AMS decided to expand its almost two decades of its education distribution business to digital to online to e-content to software to hardware including the teaching materials in an e-commerce environment both e-tailing and e-B2B.  To meet the most powerful specific requirements with the latest technology platform that exceed the high standards of security and safety that customers expect, AMS subsequently partnered with TNT Media & Network Company who is the best of web application development and web design in a global standard.

AMS and TNT developed a different partnership relationship where AMS operated the content delivery, inventory and fulfillment back-end whereas TNT established the secure ecommerce storefront with digital platform in a very professional way to the empowerment of both companies. 

The powerful synergism between two complementary enterprises aims to benefit our readers, learners and educators in all levels both B2C and B2B by providing the one stop complete e-commerce solution for all kind of educational products that will result in cost effective and streamlined e-procurement activities.

TNT Team

TNT Media and Network Co,. Ltd
32/144 CP.Parklane, M. 8, Nuan – Chan Rd.,
Klongkhum, Bungkhum, Bangkok, Thailand 10230

Tel 662 946-3700 ( Auto lines )    Fax 662 946-3711

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AMS Team

Advanced Media Supplies Co., Ltd
17 19 21 Rama 2 Rd., Bangmod, JomThong,
Bangkok 10150 Thailand

Tel 662 874-3688    Fax 662 874-2122

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