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Books: Investment & securities

The Big Win Learning from the Legends to Become a More Successful Investor (The)

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Country of Publication: United Kingdom
Table of Content:
Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 Chapter 1 The Legends I Have Met A Behind the Scenes Look at What Makes a Legend 5 Wanted The Truly Successful and the Truly Interesting 7 Tying the Common Threads Together--The Portrait of the Perfect Investor 16 Chapter 2 Follow the Money The Ugly Reality of Whale Watching 19 Chapter 3 The Glass Ceiling of Performance Renee Haugerud 35 Puts and Calls and Corn 36 A Feel for Trading 39 Commodities as Mover and Shaker 42 Managing Risk 48 Renee Haugerud s Big Win The Three-Instrument Trade 49 Chapter 4 The Boom Goes Bust James S. Chanos 59 A Fan of the Facts 61 The Baldwin-United Short 64 Short Seller Supreme 67 Doggedly--and Successfully--Cynical 68 The China Short 70 Chapter 5 Digging Deep Coming Up Big Lee Ainslie 83 Nurturing a Tiger Cub 84 Apprentice to Journeyman to Master 86 Mapping Maverick 88 The Cognizant Big Win Challenging Conventional Wisdom with Research 93 Chapter 6 small caps BIG GAINS Chuck Royce 109 On the Not-So-Fast Track 113 Reaping Value 118 RBA A Classic Big Win in the Royce Style 125 Chapter 7 The Prophet of a Profitable Vision A. Alfred Taubman 133 Native Wolverine 134 Big Wins The Enclosed Mall and the Irvine Ranch 136 Core Competency 139 Defeating Threshold Resistance 142 The Process 146 Chapter 8 The Twenty-First Century Belongs to China--and Commodities James Beeland Rogers Jr. 153 Easy Rider Explores the World 156 A Father s Gift 159 Bullish on China 160 The Commodities Connection 162 Chapter 9 Opportunity Is Where You Find It R. Donahue Peebles 171 No Limitations 172 Finding the Deal 177 On the Beach 179 The Peebles Way to a Win 181 Chapter 10 Finding Value in Junk Martin J. Whitman 193 Educational Value Added On-the-Job Training 195 Solo 197 The More You Know ... 200 Bringing the Carcass Back to Life 201 Conclusion So There You Have It ... 211 About the Author 215 Index 217
Publication Date: 2012-05-15
ISBN: 9780470916100
Product Dimension (W x H x D): 192 x 234 x 22 (mm)
Product Weight: 426 Grams
Format: Hardback
Pages: 228
Audience Readership: Professional Vocational
Dewey Classification: 332.6092
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    990 THB
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    872 THB (Save 12%)
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