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To use with full access you need to create an account by registering on website (Picture1.1).


To create an account you can use your e-mail address or facebook account.

  • Registering by an email
    Fill all the blanks to complete the registration process : e-mail, password, enter the text displayed below and accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. When completed click Submit button to process for the next step (Picture 1.2)

Picture 1.2

  • Using Facebook Account
    Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking under the blue button. Log in with Facebook (Picture 1.2).

    Confirm creating an account by clicking " Login with Fackbook". have to pop up (Picture1.3).

Picture 1.3

After registration is completed the system will respond by an email to confirm that you are already a member.
After submitting a request you can start your shopping right away .

To log in again you just need to click on the button Sign In (Picture 1.4).

Picture 1.4

Choose Member Login or Facebook Account and log in (Picture 1.5).

Picture 1.5

If you are an organizational customer you might be interested in BIZ Procurement. To learn more click here .
To create a new account or log in click here (Picture 1.6).

Picture 1.6

You can register now by clicking button " Join Now! "

Your Cart

Your Cart

After registration Your Cart is empty.
You can monitor the number of the items in your basket by looking at the upper right corner of the website
(Picture 2.1).

Your Cart
Picture 2.1

You can search for a desired book or item among six categories:
Books, Textbooks, Kids, eBooks, School Supplies & Educational Toys, Hardware & Software.

  • To learn how to add items to Your Cart look at the example below (Picture 2.2).

Picture 2.2

To find a book that you are interested in you can use Main Search or look by the categories.

For example, if you are looking for an IT book, but don’t know the title, enter the category Books and then subcategory Computing and information technology. There you can see a lot of small windows with books and theirs details like title, ISBN, author or publisher. Later you can use those details to search by using Main Search
(Picture 2.3).

Picture 2.3

When you found your book,

you just need to click at the cover or title once to see more information. In order to add the book to your basket press the green button "Add to Cart" (Picture 2.4).

Picture 2.4

When you have finished choosing your items,

then you need to go to your basket, to do so you should click "View Cart". In Your Cart you can find shopping details about selected items. Here you can also change the quantity, recalculate the price of your order or delete an item from Your Cart. This is also a first step to finalize an order (Picture 2.5).

Picture 2.5

Please take also a closer look at our additional option
Add to "Wish List", which gives you the opportunity to make your personal list of favorites items (Picture 2.6).

Wish List
Picture 2.6

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To complete your order you need to go through 4 steps.
To process please go to Your Cart and check the Order Status.

STEP 1 : Order Status

In STEP 1 you can: rise up numbers of your items by changing Quantity, remove any position from your list by pressing the button " Clear " and then " Recalculate " to see new prices. To add new items click on a button " Back to Shopping ". When you have finished checking Your Order Status click on a button " Next Step "
(Picture 3.1).

Picture 3.1

STEP 2 : Contact & Shipping

In the STEP 2 you need to insert your contact, shipping and tax invoice address.
If you have already made it at My Guruseed Account, then the information will be automatically copied to the second step. You can also change or add a new address any time. Please notice that we also prepared especially for you the Gift-Wrapping Service, which allows you to send our products as a gifts without any extra charge (Picture 3.2).

Picture 3.2

STEP 3 : Confirm Order

In STEP 3 please check all your order details one more time:
products, prices, quantity, address of delivery, your contact information (Picture 3.3).

Picture 3.3

STEP 4 : Payment Gateway

In STEP 4 you need to choose one of three types of payment. Credit Card/PAYSBUY Account, Money Transfer or Cash On Delivery (COD). After you choose one of the method of payment click Next Step button to finish
(Picture 3.4).

Picture 3.4

After finishing Your Order Status and details of the transaction will appear.
Also you will receive an email with a confirmation. You can check Your Order Status anytime by going to
My Account and then My Order Status (Picture 3.5).

Picture 3.5

Your Cart



Credit Card/ PAYSBUY

  • We accept VISA Credit Card and MasterCard and payment made by PAYSBUY account users
  • If you choose this method of payment you can transfer your money directly after making an order by clicking a button " Proceed to Pay " (Picture 4.1).

Picture 4.1

  • If you won’t pay directly after making an order don’t worry. You can do it anytime and by going to My Order Status and finding the order details (Picture 4.2).
my order status
Picture 4.2


Money Transfer

  • We have four banks accounts were you can transfer money (Table 4.3).
  • In your order form at My Order Status you can find a printing option.
Account Name
Account Type
Account Number
Advanced Media Supplies Co.,Ltd Surawong Branch
Current Deposit
Advanced Media Supplies Co.,Ltd Talat Noi Branch
Current Deposit
Advanced Media Supplies Co.,Ltd Bookaloo Branch
Current Deposit
Advanced Media Supplies Co.,Ltd Daokhanong Branch
Savings Account
Table 4.3


Cash On Delivery (COD)

  • This method of payment is only available when the shipping address and billing address is the same and is situated in Thailand.
  • Your order cannot contain any eBooks while choosing this method of payment. If you would like to order eBooks, then please make a separate order for them or change the method of payment.
  • Please be prepared that you might get a call or an additional email with a confirmation request from Support Center.

After receiving your payment we will confirm it by sending an email and changing your order status at your account. From this date you can expect for your order to be sent within 1-2 days.