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Protector of the Flight

( 269 )
Series Title: Luna
Category: Fantasy   Fiction  
Publication Date: 11/01/2011
ISBN: 9781408976258
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Protector of the Flight

If horses could fly...then Calli Torcher might ride again. But a devastating accident left her in such pain she thought the chimes and chanting in her ears were a hallucination...until she found herself transported to another world, and met the Lladranans who had Summoned her. Lladrana was a parallel, magical earth filled with exotic creatures, noble humans and enchantments—all threatened by an encroaching evil. And when the mighty volarans stopped obeying the Chevaliers, the flying horses' unexpected rebellion had thrown Lladrana into an uproar. In desperation, the sorcerers had sought help from afar—and gotten Calli. If she could fulfill this mission, perhaps she would also finally find all she had longed for—a mate, a home, a family. But against this great darkness, she had no battle experience, no strategy plans. She had only a bond with horses....

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