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First Time eBook Users

How do I purchase and download eBooks?

If you are a new user you might need a software for reading purchased eBooks. We would like to introduce to you in easy way needed software for your device and formats that its compatible with.

Step 1 : Get Adobe ID

You can obtain it for free by clicking here. An Adobe ID enables you to authenticate the digital right of your eBooks.

Note: What is an ADOBE ID?
An Adobe ID is an account used to authorize Adobe software. It prevents unauthorized copying of eBooks.
Learn more FAQs for GURUSeed’s eBook user.

Step 2 : Download Software and Activate to your device

Adobe Digital Editions

for (PC, Macintosh, eBook Reader)

  • Download program on your device
  • Activate Adobe Digital Edition with your Adobe Account ID with these steps:
    • Open Adobe Edition on your devices
    • The “Setup Assistant” dialog box is displayed
    • Click “Continue”. The “Authorize Computer” screen is displayed.
    • Enter your Adobe ID (email address) and password.
    • Click “Activate” Your computer is activated to your Adobe ID.
    • Click “Finish” to close the “Setup Assistant” dialog box.

Overdrive Console App

for (iPad, iPhone, Android)

  • Download program for your iPad/iPhone.
  • Download program for your Android.
  • Activate App – iPad, iPhone
    • In the Overdrive Media Console app, open “Manager- Settings”
    • Under “Adobe Account”, select “Activate with Adobe ID”
    • Enter your Adobe ID (emails address) and password, and select “Activate”
  • Authorize App – Android
    • In the Overdrive Media Console app, open Menu and select “App Settings”
    • Under “eBook Option”, enter your ID (emails address) and password, and select “Authorize”

*** Finish to install and set up your devices ***

Step 3 : Buy an eBook

After finding an eBook that you wish to purchase and right format for your device, click on the button next to an eBook format to add the title to Your Cart. Proceed through the checkout and make payment by either Credit Card/ PaysBuy or Money Transfer. After purchase finished successfully, you will be able to download your eBook by clicking the ‘Download’ button on the confirmation screen or in the order confirmation email that is sent to you.

Note : is unable to refund customers who purchase an eBook(s) and subsequently determine that it is unreadable on an unsupported reading device or with unsupported software. More information about the eBook formats click here.

Step 4 : Download and Read eBook

If you would prefer to perform the download at a later time, you can return to the site and click on the
My Purchased eBooks to display links for previously purchased eBooks. After downloading an eBook on your device, Adobe Digital Edition or Overdrive Media Console will recognize the eBook and open it automatically.

Before downloading, please read very carefully about copy rights of each eBook, some of them might be permitted only for one copy. Knowing about those restrictions might help you to avoid future problems.

All of the eBooks need to be activate and use under the same Adobe ID. So if you want to download an eBook on the device with different Adobe ID than yours and then want to transfer to your device, please be aware that later you won’t be able to open it. While downloading remember to do it on the device authorized under your Adobe ID.

The download file is an “.acsm” file which triggers the eBook download in Adobe Digital Editions and Overdrive Media Console. If you will have any more doubts about this format or downloading process, please contact us through Help Desk.