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  • My GURUSeed Account

    • How can I change my details?

      Your personal details saved in your account can easily be changed by logging into My GURUSeed Account. Follow the link to My Account to change your name, address, payment options, contact, password and newsletter preferences.

    • How can I add, change or remove my address?

      All the changes about your contact, shipping or billing address you can make via My GURUSeed Account. There you can change also your password or phone numbers.

    • What can I do if I've forgotten my password?

      If you have forgotten your password simply click here and enter your login (email address) into the box. We will send you an email with the link to the website where you can insert a new password.

    • What is a Wish List?

      Wish List is an additional option provided by the to our customers. By clicking the button “Add to Wish List” users can add their favorite products to the online register. Later they can view on it, add new “wishes” or delete the old one.

    • What is a BIZ Procurement?

      BIZ Procurement is a specially prepared account for Organizational Partners and Customers. If you are a commercial and would like to create a new account please click here.

  • Orders

    • How will I know if my order was properly submitted?

      Once the process of ordering have been finished successfully we will let you know about it by sending a confirmation email. After making an order please make sure to terminate as soon as possible the payment process, Till the moment of receiving the payment we cannot send your order.

    • How will I know if my order is already shipped to me?

      After receiving your payment we will send you a confirmation email with all necessary details about the transaction & delivery time.

  • eBooks

    • How do I purchase eBooks?

      After finding an eBook that you wish to purchase, click on the green button “Add to Cart”. Proceed through the ordering process and make payment by either Credit Card, Paysbuy or Money Transfer. After purchase, you will be able to download your eBook by clicking the 'Download' button on the confirmation screen or in the order confirmation email that is sent to you. If you would prefer to perform the download at a later time, you can return to the site and click on the My Purchased eBooks at My Account to display 'Download' links for previously purchased eBooks.

    • Can I download an eBook multiple times?

      If you've misplaced your copy of a downloaded eBook, maintains a history of purchased eBooks via the My Account/ My Purchased eBooks. You can re-download your eBooks at any time.

    • How do I read eBooks that I purchase and download?

      We've prepared some step-by-step guides to get you started - learn how to read on a PC, Mac, eBook Reader, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Please click here to learn more.

    • Does my eBook Reader work with eBooks?

      It's very important that you check to see if your eBook Reader supports eBook files downloaded from before making a purchase, as we're not able to refund for unsupported devices or wrong format purchase. eBooks can be read on devices that support Adobe DRM-protected ePub and PDF ebooks.

    • What happens to the eBook I downloaded once I've finished reading it?

      A downloaded title remains on your computer or device unless you manually delete it. My Purchased eBooks is a history of purchased titles maintained at this site.

    • Can I use eBooks I purchase from this site on multiple computers?

      Every eBook has different specifications. Some of them are available to display on multiple computers but some of them not. Therefore it is important to check every eBooks separately about its conditions and copy rights.

    • Can I copy/paste text from eBooks that I purchase from

      Each eBook page contains digital rights information, including printing rights and copy rights, which are imposed on the purchaser by the publisher for that eBook. The copy rights refer to how many times the user can copy text from within the book. Copy is from selected text when the user has the title open in Adobe Digital Editions. A copy selection may be a single word or up to one full page.

    • Can I print pages from eBooks that I purchase from

      Each eBook page contains digital rights information, including printing rights and copy rights, which are imposed on the purchaser by the publisher for that eBook. The print rights refer to how many pages the user may print in a certain time frame. Printing can only be undertaken in Adobe Digital Editions using the 'Print' function.

  • Payment & Pricing

    • What methods of payment are available?

      There are three ways of payment accepted by, which are: Money Transfer, Paysbuy/Credit Card, Cash on Delivery (COD). To learn more about the payments please click here.

    • Do you offer any other discounts than displayed at the website?

      All the discounts at are the only one currently offered, but in some cases might (but it’s not the rule!) grant our customers by an additional discount which depends mainly on the quantity of the order. If you are a part of the bigger organization and interested in making bigger orders please look at BIZ Procurement.

  • Refunding

    • How can I get a refund for an item?

      To apply for a refund you have to provide your request within 7 days of purchase. When the refund is accepted, for books and school supplies, we will refund your money within 3 days. Refunds will not be granted in situations of purchase abuse.

      Please remind that ebooks generaly are not refundable, only in certain cases. If the ebook does not perform as described or can not be downloaded, we may consider refunds. When a download has occured we will not refund money.

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