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Place Value Penguins

( 278 )
Size (W x H): 44.50 x 3.00 (CM)
Length: 51.00 (CM)
Brand: HOPE Primary INT
ISBN: EPB934212
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    6,009 THB
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    5,108 THB (Save 15%)


Place Value Penguins

This new and unique teaching resource has been developed in the classroom and is versatile to use. Primarily aimed at ages 4-7, the resource is also suitable for teaching children with special educational needs who perhaps find the concept of place value difficult to grasp. The teacher simply writes the sum at the top of the dry wipe board and children are encouraged to stick the appropriate number of penguins in each column. For example: 2 single penguins in the units column, 4 of the '10' penguins in the tens column and one of the '100' penguins in the hundreds column will make and physically depict the sum of 142. The resource can also be used to help teach simple addition and subtraction. Includes A2 size magnetic dry-wipe board, magnetic penguins and reward stickers.

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