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Multilink Isos 300 Pieces

( 271 )
Size (W x H): 20.00 x 20.00 (CM)
Weight: 1.00 (KG)
Length: 30.00 (CM)
Brand: NES Primary INT
ISBN: 01EE96704
  • List Price:
    2,327 THB
  • Our Price:
    1,978 THB (Save 15%)


Multilink Isos 300 Pieces

Based on a right-angled isosceles triangular prism. 2 of the faces contain an innovative hinging mechanism that enables any angle to be incorporated into the construction allowing the creation of a myriad of new shapes and designs. The Multilink Iso is fully compatible with the Cube and Prism. 300 Multilink Isos - 30 each of 10 colours.

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