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Economy Digital Multimeter

( 287 )
Size (W x H): 20.00 x 20.00 (CM)
Length: 20.00 (CM)
Brand: Philip Harries Int. Sec Science
ISBN: E8L26852
  • List Price:
    1,160 THB
  • Our Price:
    986 THB (Save 15%)


Economy Digital Multimeter

A pocket size meter offering all the usual functions, including transistor and diode tests, and incorporates a large, clear L.C.D. with 13mm characters. d.c. volts: 200mV to 600V in 5 ranges. a.c. volts: 200V to 600V in 2 ranges. d.c. current: 200A to 10A in 5 ranges. Resistance: 200Ω to 2MΩ in 5 ranges. Diode test: 1mA Resolution. Transistor test: Indicates hFE of 0 to 1000 at Vce 2.8V & IB 10uA. Accuracy: Generally 0.5 to 1%, depending upon range selected. Input resistance: 1MΩ, all ranges. Overload protection: 0.2A on current ranges, except for 10A range which is unfused. Power requirements: 9V battery, type PP3. Dimensions: 125 x 70 x 25mm, h x w x d. Mass: 150g with battery.Supplied complete with test leads, battery and instruction/specification leaflet.

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